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BUGS BYTE is a partnership of expert level IT solution Engineers. Our experience comes from many years of delivering IT solutions to large enterprises. Our unique business model leverages the idle, un-utilized & non-billable resource time to reduce your costs - substantially below market rates for the expertise. In this way we can deliver IT solutions and talent otherwise out of reach of the budgets available to small and medium businesses.

Cyber Security

IT security used to be a trade-off for convenience to the end-user experience. Today, your business’ security posture very much impacts your ability to open your doors for business each day.


Networking is no longer the domain of sophisticated gear setup by a small group of elite experts. While that can still be the case in today’s modern software defined & cloud hosted solutions; anyone can now setup a home router and connect their own devices.


Virtualization these days is so much more than servers running as virtual machines. Modern virtualization now includes client devices, applications, networking devices, storage and entire data centers.